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GCNS is an established not-for-profit nursery school and has been operating from the educational wing of Grace Lutheran Church in Needham, Massachusetts, for over thirty years.


The Grace Christian Nursery School (GCNS) opened in September of 1986 under the direction of Ellen Burns.  Initial enrollment was 10 children in the 3 day program, 7 children in the 4 day program, and 1 child in the 5 day program.


Mid-way through the first year the classes were given the names of Teddy Bears, Chipmunks, and Dinosaurs. 


Nancy Gallello became the Director in 1988 and served for 26 years, expanding enrollment and enhancing educational programs while continuing GCNS's commitment to allow pre-school children to discover their interests and to develop to their best potential in a nurturing and supportive environment.


In 2014 Kayanna Scott-Brown became the third Director of GCNS.

After serving as Lead Teacher/Administrator at GCNS for five years, Jean Lorence became GCNS's Director in January, 2017. 


"Grace Christian Nursery School has been a truly nurturing school for our daughter. The children engage in a wide variety of activities each day in a supportive, play based environment. The teachers couldn't be more loving while teaching children the skills they need.  She can't wait to go to school each day! "

Melyssa Taylor, Parent


"GCNS provided both of my children with a positive introduction to school and learning.  The teachers at GCNS are nurturing, insightful and creative.  Their curriculum is based on teaching children through having fun.  There wasn’t a day that either of my children came home and didn’t tell me they had a GREAT day!  I feel that GCNS provided them with exactly what they needed to be ready for Kindergarten.   Both of them still have loving memories of their years with Grace, and have maintained friendships they made while at GCNS.  Friendships we all still maintain, as we found GCNS a community of supportive and loving families.   A community that welcomed us in from the very first day.”

MaryAnn Black, Parent



An environment conducive to the optimal spiritual, mental and physical development of each child enrolled

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