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Classes and Curriculum

Dinosaurs:      M/W/F           Optional T/TH
Ages 4-5        The year before kindergarten
The Dinosaur Class engages in activities that foster independence and self-help skills.The children are to solve problems and discover answers to their questions. The children are engaged in a variety of activities that challenge them to build upon basic skills and become independent learners. 


Teddy Bear     T/Th              Optional M/W/F

Ages 3.3-4      2 years before Kindergarten

The Teddy Bear Class engages in activities that help                them learn what school feels like. The focus is on social          skills  and school routines. Children are exposed to                new materials and are introduced to basic skills through          exploration and play. 


Guppy           W/F             Optional M/T/TH
Ages 2.9-3.2     3 years before Kindergarten

The children in the Guppy class are exposed to a school environment, being cared for by a teacher and playing in a group setting.




Children learn through a balance of self-discovery, teacher-directed activities, and being with peers in a group situation. Below are many of the skills children will develop during these early years. It is our goal to guide them on this road of discovery.


Social Skills: Becoming a member of a group, learning to be a friend, independence, sharing, taking turns, expressing feeling with words, following directions.


Fine and Gross Motor: Exposure to art supplies and manipulative tools, exposure to tactile materials, building with blocks, climbing, jumping, running, balancing, ball play.


Cultural and Diversity Awareness: Learning about differences, learning about other traditions and customs, being exposed to different celebrations around the world.


Mathematical Skills: Manipulating, counting, sorting, grouping different materials, number recognition, simple patterns, sequencing, matching, opposites.


Language Art Skills: Developing the art of listening, expanding ability to communicate, reading stories and creating their own, sharing ideas, recognizing letters of the alphabet, writing through pictures/dictation/invented spelling.


Music Skills: Singing, exposure to different kinds of music, learning about rhythms, tones, and different instruments, having fun.


Science Skills: Fostering children's natural curiosity about the world around them and how things work; discovering scientific method and encouraging experimentation.



An environment conducive to the optimal spiritual, mental and physical development of each child enrolled.

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