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The Grace Christian Nursery School Community
Events & fun things ...


1.  GCNS parents are actively involved with the nursery school through the Parent Committee that meets monthly. 


2.  GCNS sponsors an outdoor start of school gathering with acivities, games, food, socializing, and fun for all !


3.  Pot Luck suppers at GCNS are a casual way for parents to get to know one another.  Kids love the Pot Luck because it is a great way for them to share their preschool world with their parents.


4.  Bow Making Night is an event where Moms & Dads get together to make wreath bows for the wreath fundraiser, providing an opportunity for the parents to come together in community.


5.  The Wreath Fundraiser is a fun event for families.  Everyone gets to decorate their own wreath.  It is a great opportunity to socialize and participate in a creative endeavor while supporting GCNS.  It is fun, fun, fun for parents and children from the nursery school as well as from the extended community of Grace Lutheran Church and anyone from neighboring towns who wish to participate !


6.  The Christmas party which includes the children's performance of the Nativity play and singing.


7.  The Pancake breakfast is a great fun event, especially for the kids.  Parents are welcome to volunteer to come in and help out. Parents have a chance to see the way their kids are thriving in their preschool environment.


8.  Mom's night out.


9.  GCNS sponsors an end of the school year,  welcome to summer, outdoor party.  Outdoor activities, games, socializing, food, and fun are all part of the lively venue !





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**These photos are printed with parental permission**

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