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Extended Day

GCNS offers three different options for extending your child's day. Durng the after-school hours, we will continue to expose, engage, and empower your child!

Lunch Bunch



Students will enjoy outdoor play and eat a lunch they bring from home.

Lunch Bunch/Enrichment



During this option, students will do as above, enjoy quiet time with books and/or music, and actively participate in an enrichment activity (indoors or outdoors).

Lunch Bunch/Enrichment



During the final option, students will follow the same schedule as above while extending their time exploring the enrichment activity with additional choices (indoors or outdoors).


During the last two hours of the Extended Day program, a daily enrichment activity will be offered. Children will have the opportunity to explore many different topics to extend their fun beyond the school day with more play-based, interactive learning! Topics and themes are chosen based on popularity in past years and most especially from observing students' interests in the classroom and expanding on them. The activities spiral and build upon themselves, so a child will never feel like they have missed out on anything! We hope your child stays to experience the enrichment offerings. We find that students usually don't want to leave!

In the past, students have explored inventors/inventions, cooking in the kitchen, and fairy tales to name a few. We can't wait to see what peaks the students' curiousity this year!


Sign-Up for Extended Day options will take place weekly to accomodate you and your child's schedule. An email will be sent each Wednesday with a Sign-Up Genius link. Families may choose their options for the following week. Sign-up needs to be completed by 5 PM on Friday.  

Extended Days will be charged monthly. You will receive an invoice via email. Payment can be made through Venmo or a check made payable to GCNS. Checks may be either mailed or dropped off.

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