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What parents have to say about GCNS:

It's the best! It's a loving environment where children are cared for and nurtured like family. It's a place where confidence is built and individuality is recognized and fostered.

Grace is amazing. The focus on exploration and hands on learning with such an exceptional and experienced teaching staff is something that I speak to everyone I can about.

It's a nurturing, safe, wonderful learning environment for my child.

Grace is a nurturing, play-based small school where you have ongoing communication with your child's teachers so you always know just what's happening for your child.

The teachers are amazing and the outdoor space is wonderful. It is really hard to find another school where the outdoor and indoor spaces are adjacent and flow so easily.

It's a small, intimate preschool that does lots of outdoor learning and play and has amazing teachers that love their job!

The school has an amazing back yard space. With outdoor classes, our kids were able to develop independence, creativity, motor skills, confidence, decision-making and problem-solving skills. My daughter came home very happy to tell me all the great things that happened when they were playing outside.

The outdoor classroom is amazing. My son has such a love and respect of nature and creatures as a result.

My daughter enjoys being outside's brought out a creative side of her that I never knew she had!

The outdoor classroom raised her interest in nature and comfort exploring outdoors.

The outdoor classroom allowed them to play, learn and grow in a healthy and safe environment.

They love the outdoor play stations!

My son loved the outdoor classroom. It got him to be more active outdoors. It allowed him to enjoy fresh air while discovering new things to play outside.

We love the weekly email, we found that it was a great way to keep us informed about what was happening at the school. Also, the email was supposed to be for our daughter and it was written in such a positive and empowering way that we all enjoy reading every weekend!!! It is a great way to keep the parents and the kids engaged with the school and teachers.

We love the weekly emails. They give valuable insight into what is really going on during the day.

The emails and Instagram account helped us to feel connected to the school. So lovely.

Absolutely love them (weekly email and Instagram). Gives us a way to engage about the time at school.

The emails were really great for keeping us informed. We also read them out loud right before a new week of classes when the kids were feeling nervous about returning to school and that helped a lot. The Instagram account was great for keeping us informed too, and the kids liked seeing themselves doing their favorite tasks.

As a mom, I couldn't have appreciated the weekly emails and Instagram pics more. Perfect tools to allow us a glimpse into their weekly activities and feel more connected to their friends at school. The weekly emails were so thoughtful and written in depth. Truly meant so much to me that teachers would take that much time and remember so many details.

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