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What do parents love

about GCNS?

The care and individual attention provided to the students is outstanding.  The choice and support in those choices is so wonderful at this age.  I wish it could continue!  Really appreciate the focus on 'other' and kindness/care for others.

I love the staff, the flexibility of lunch bunch, and the atmosphere-it feels like staff and parents are all friends working together to benefit the kids!

We love the focus on friendship and problem solving.

Everything.  It's such a nurturing and play based program where the teachers are truly invested in the children.  It's like a family.  

The teachers!  The other families.  The small, cozy feel and great outdoor space.  Choice in number of days and lunch bunch options.  Outdoor play.  Activities led by kids interests.  Music with Mrs. Rowe.  Cooking activities in the kitchen.

We love the teachers and the people. The community of GCNS is second to none and has welcomed us with open arms.  The teachers truly know our child and have worked with him in such a positive light this year.

The feeling of family! I know my children are safe, well cared for and understood.

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